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Countertop Options

Popular Granite Choices

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Countertop Edge Profiles

countertop edges Pasadena- Full Bullnose

- Flat

- Reverse Bevel

- 1/4″ Bevel

- Eased

- Ogee

- Radius

- Cove


Countertop Mediums

- Solid Surface provides a unique feel for a good rate.

- Wood a unique and trendy feel requires upkeep.

- Tile allows for lots of planning flaccidity with a number of options.

- Stone high end choice, high on the scale.

Concrete green and eco friendly.

- Custom Finish can be anything, custom made to order.

- Quartz known for its strength and luxurious feel.

- Stainless Steel a modern trend, lasting material with an array of benefits.

- Laminate budget choice that has a broad scope of planning.


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